The End of Carnality is The Beginning of Facebook

Facebook is preparing us for a future of social behavior from which carnality has been evicted, taking with it all the instinctual crises, the earthly terrors and joys we have come to know. In the Facebook future, socializing will no longer be the cogent, purpose-driven, and hierarchical activity that has ordered our ways of living and the construction of our cities. What will be left to us will be the stewardship of its residues—the comparison of likes and dislikes, the rituals of gift-giving, the exchange of perfunctories, and above all the keeping of lists of names of friends and acquaintances, their quantities. And Facebook, in its genius, has seen that all of this can be done in aggregate, consecutively, and in remote solitude.

Christopher Hsu

(via papermonument)

Peter Stichbury